Caught in the Act

Hey Friends

Have you heard of First 5? Have you downloaded  it on your device yet? I thought I would share one of my First 5 devos so you can see what it is all about.

First 5 is a free app offered through Proverbs 31 Ministries. It was created to encourage you to spend the first 5 minutes of your day in God’s Word. You simply set the alarm within the app, it sounds, and when you turn it off a beautiful graphic displays to start the day’s devotion.

Proverbs 31 also offers in its store an Experience Guide for each book of the Bible we study. We completed the book of  John in the month of August. Today we start Genesis. All Experience Guides are available in the P31 Store even if the F5 has moved on to a new book. It’s never to late to start or get your Experience Guide.

Over 350,000 people have already downloaded the app. Will you join the fun?

“They put her front of the crowd.”
John 8:3b (NLT)

In our media driven instant message society news stretches from continent to continent faster than we can read the words in this sentence. Our actions, good and bad are known instantly.

Jesus was teaching and was interrupted with some instant news, hot-off-the press of The Jerusalem Chronicles: She was caught in the act of adultery. Not only was the woman caught in the act of her private sin but she was being publicly shamed. Her accusers stood, poised with stones ready to convict and execute punishment at Jesus’ word. Much to their surprise Jesus didn’t speak any words. He knelt before them and wrote in the sand. One by one the accuser

Every day we are given countless opportunities to condemn, convict, and execute judgement in the town square of social media. Accusers bring private news to the public forums of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Without pause, we grab our stones and respond exactly like the Pharisees when instead we should respond like Jesus.

Jesus only spoke after the accusers fled the scene. He didn’t condemn or shame the woman. He simply said in love, “Go and sin no more.”

Today, in the sand of social media let’s write love rather than condemnation. Let’s offer grace in the place of judgement and be poised with God’s Word rather than stones.


Lord, prompt my Spirit to pause before I respond to hot-off-the-press news. Equip me with proper response.

My Moment

Is my first response to spread social media scandals or stop them? Today, use social media to encourage someone who seems to be having a hard time.

More Moments

Recently I made an epic fail on social media. I regrettably responded to a hot-off-the-press news item. Oh, I ended my soapbox rant ended with a Bible verse but my comments stirred the already bubbling pot. God’s Word is all I need. The next time the pot is bubbling I will forgo the commentary and post a verse. Will you forgo your commentary of a hot news item and replace it with a Bible verse?


The Genesis Experience Guide is new and improved.

The new Experience Guide will include:

  • Daily study questions to help you dig deeper into Scripture and apply it to your life
  • A commentary on who wrote Genesis and why it was written
  • A visual timeline of all the people featured from Genesis right up until Jesus
  • A private link to an exclusive video, just for our First 5 Experience Guide users

The Book of Genesis Experience Guide

Worship Today

Oh my, worship Him today. He has walks on the water for you and me.

I had the awesome privilege of hearing C.T. Townsend sing this song and preach this week. Be blessed and encouraged today my friend.