Flee. Don’t Flirt.

 “Abram lived in the land of Canaan, while Lot lived among the cities of the plain and pitched his tents near Sodom.” Genesis 13:2(NIV)

 Sometimes I am more like Lot than I want to admit.

Lot was Abraham’s nephew. When the two decided to part ways Abraham (previously named Abram) stayed in Canaan. Lot decided to make his move near the city of Sodom, a decision that would change his life forever.

Lot chose the land in the Jordan Valley because of the lush green grasses and the promise of prosperity it offered. He knew the land would provide well for his family.  Perhaps, he thought such prosperity could bring him notoriety in the region. He knew full well the reputation of the cities that lay adjacent to Sodom, the reputation of evil practices, idolatry, homosexual activity, and all other forms of debauchery. What Lot did not know was how the sin of Sodom would weaken his faith. The draw of the sin was so strong he eventually moved inside the city exposing his entire family to corruption.

Even with this knowledge Lot chose to setup him home near its borders.

Lot did not make a decision based on what he knew in mind. He made his decision based on what he saw with his eyes. Lot saw opportunity, the opportunity for power, position, and provision.

It’s easy to think, “Oh, I am strong enough to withstand any temptation.” In fact, the danger is a little fun and adds an element of excitement not to mention pleasure. But eventually the alluring fragrance of sin draws us so close, so often our faith weakens and we succumb. The gossip at our child’s play group or ball field. The handsome man who just happens to be at water cooler the very same time as you each day. The seemingly innocent off-colored email sent by a married man.

Let’s face it girls: we can’t flirt with sin. We must flee. Our decision must be based on knowledge not sight. Our decision could change our lives and the lives of those we love forever.



  1. JulieWSharp says

    I thought of Joseph as I read this, leaving his coat with “Mrs. Potiphar”. She may have been able to accuse him, but God (and Joseph) knew the truth, which always sets us free!

  2. lori prince says

    Such wisdom for us today from this verse. As I thought about what you wrote, Wendy, – I saw our need for Jesus, even more. The enemy is always waiting to pounce. Abram, in his humble way chose the path that kept him separated from sin. He took the initiative to resolve the conflict in his family, by denying himself. He let the other person, ‘Lot,’ have his way, even tho he may have wanted the good land, and was even more deserving since he was older. He was a man that put family peace above personal desires. We face so many situations where we have to be determined to keep surefooted on God’s path. One step off, could land us in sinville. We are blessed to see the outcome, the good that came through Abram’s humble decision. Look how God blessed Abram! In ways we’d never fathom. In ways too good for us to even dream up. That is our heavenly Father: full of goodness. May God’s holy Word set us free from our pride and grow us more humble. May His Word remove the dark areas within us and shine His glory out of us, – to draw those around us to Jesus, today.

  3. Courtney says

    Oh I love this! It also reinforces the truths of partial obedience. We sometimes think if we follow some of God’s commandments, we are okay! We fail to see that partial is just like not following at all! I may be wrong, but I believe those are the times where we increase God’s anger! We know what we are supposed to do, but still play with the idea of temptation! I’ll just go there and stay a little while….. I’ll listen to the gossip, but I’m not going to spread it…. It’s okay to carry on this inappropriate conversation with this single man because I’ll never act on it… Clearly, all of those thing we think we can handle can turn our lives completely upside down.

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