The Artistry of God

When spring emerges from its winter cocoon we bear witness to the creative artistry of God.  The vibrant colors of blooming daffodils, azaleas, and tulips are breathtaking as they willingly succumb to the power of the sun. The luscious green grass blankets the once cold lifeless ground, sending an invitation to sit down for a picnic. The spring rain reminds us that He brings all things to life.

God indeed displays His artistry through creation, but perhaps His greatest work of art is displayed in the heart of His children. We can witness His design genius in the heart of His child, King David, the man God Himself described as “a man after my heart.” (Acts 13:22)

A year after David committed adultery with Bathsheba and had her husband murdered on the front line of battle, God sent Nathan to confront him with the sin. Upon hearing Nathan’s words, David repented of His sin and prayed a prayer of forgiveness. In this prayer he not only confessed his sin but asked God to use His creative artistry in his heart. “Create in me a new heart and renew a steadfast spirit in me. “  David asked. (Psalm 51:10)

Last year I studied and read Psalm 51 with fresh eyes in, I knew I wanted verse 10 to be my verse of focus in 2013. In studying the word create I learned the Hebrew word used in Psalm 51:10 is the same Hebrew word used in Genesis 1:1. Bara` (baw-raw) means to shape and fashion as from nothing. When we carry the weight of unconfessed sin like David, our life and heart can begin to feeling empty and formless much like the world in the beginning. God created new out of the empty and formless world and He will create new in the heart of his children upon confession of sin.

At that moment I decided to follow David’s example and invite the artistry of God into my heart each day.  It’s funny; before I started praying David’s create in me prayer I would pray a blanket “forgive me of my sins” prayer. Now, I feel a creative power cleansing the sin out so God can fashion and shape my heart into something new for the day He has planned for me. Praying this prayer each day forbids sin to hold on to me allowing me to live in the freedom His love offers.

What better time to invite God’s artistry into your heart than when He is displaying His creative brilliance all around as spring blooms.

Through true confession and repentance of sin the supernatural power of His Holy Spirit begins the shaping and fashioning of our new heart. What was lifeless can once again bloom. On the soil of the cold barren ground of a heart surrendered, he can bring forth new life. This life becomes attractive to the world and extends and invitation for the growth of the Kingdom of God.

Accompanying this new heart is an insatiable desire to please God. David speaks of it the remainder of Psalm 51. Like David, my new heart wants to please God by obeying His Word and telling others of His grace.

Start every spring day in a new way:

  • Invite God to create a new heart in you.
  • Confession and repent of sin His Spirit brings to mind.
  • Read His Word. Allow it to shape your life.
  • Tell others about the artistry of God.

My experience has taught me starting every spring day in this way will create such a positive change you will want to start every day of every season in the same way.

Worship Today

Before our worship I need to make a PSA:

We have some major problems going on with the plugin that runs the Bible Study memberships on my site. Those who are a member of more than one study are having difficulties logging in to all their studies.

I apologize for the inconvenience this is causing. I wish I could snap my fingers and fix the problem. We hope to have things up and running soon. I am truly sorry. Thank you for your understanding and patience. Please pray for my tech team as they work late finding a solution.

Now onto the most important thing, the worship of our Lord and Savior!