The Jesus Chair

The Sovereign LORD has given me a well-instructed tongue, to know the word that sustains the weary. He wakens me morning by morning, wakens my ear to listen like one being instructed.” Isaiah 50:4

I was struggling in my faith and failing to be the woman I knew God wanted me to be. My responses to life’s hiccups were harsh. My tongue spoke rudely to those I love the most. My deposition was judgmental and prejudice. In plain and simple terms I was not a happy person.

It was during this period in my life when I was introduced to our key verse. My heart was gripped as I read the word weary. I remember thinking, “I’m weary. I’m weary. I need sustaining. I am right here.”

The sustaining part of the verse sounded wonderfully soothing and comforting; however the morning wakeup call appeared obtrusive and demanding. Why couldn’t God give me a sustaining word later in the day? I did not really want to spend time with Jesus every morning but I did want my life to be different so I thought, why not, things can’t get any worse.

The early morning whispers came and I grumbled. In those days I feel quite certain God wanted to put some duct tape over my mouth. Marching up the stairs to our meeting chair I whined about having to get out of my warm snuggly covers. He heard my lamenting about the sleep I was losing as I opened my Bible and devotion book. Our morning by morning meetings were rote and ridged, nothing like I was expecting when my heart was first gripped by the verse in Isaiah. Why weren’t the issues in my life being resolved? When was He gonna fix all the people in my life? What good was this quiet time thing anyway?

Day after day I rolled out of bed, put on my robe, and proceeded up the stairs to sit in my Jesus chair. Day after day He heard me complain and day after day He remained faithful to listen. Little by little my heart began to soften. There was less complaining and more contentment. Then my ears began to listen like one being instructed, just like the scripture said.

Once His Word began to take root in my heart I began to experience its sustaining power. In the morning I could greet my family with a smile and cheerful disposition. Moments of panic were now met with peaceful words. Unforeseen schedule changes were calmly resolved. If the day didn’t go as planned I could still praise.

Perhaps you are you looking for a word to sustain your weary soul. Are you desperate enough to dedicate time each day to be in God’s Word? For me it has to be in the morning, in my Jesus chair before the rush of emails, carpool, and work demands. Perhaps your Jesus chair is the front seat of your van and your time with God is while your daughter is ballet. Maybe your Jesus chair is in your office and each day you eat lunch with Him as you read your devotion book. You see, it really doesn’t matter where or when you meet Him, it only matters that you meet Him. His Word is our sustaining power. We can’t live life without it!

Pull up a Jesus chair, grab your Bible, and a devotional then listen like one being taught. He has much to say.

It’s funny: as I write this post on the eve of my devotion for Encouragement for Today I am complaining about some things I have to do. I guess in sense I sound like my daughter when she wrote the letter boycotting her chores.

I would like to be all spiritual here and tell you that working without crumbling and complaining is as easy as 1-2-3 then give you 1-2-3.

Here’s the truth:

  1. We all have to do things we don’t like to do.
  2. It’s is challenging to have a good attitude about doing the things we don’t like to do.

In case you haven’t read my devotion here are the spiritual steps we can take to make sure our heart is right.

  • Renew my heart each morning. (Psalm 90:14)
    I quickly realized how different my attitude was when I started each day with prayer.
  • Repent of the sin in my heart daily. (Psalm 51:10)
    I have to confess my wrong attitudes.
  • Rend my heart. (Joel 2:12-13)
    What I put in my heart definitely comes out of my mouth.
  • Rest my heart when necessary. (Psalm 127:2)
    Rest needs to be a priority.

Having a good attitude about what we are doing has everything to do with our mind. We have to change our thinking and often we have to change it quick.

Here are some not so spiritual things we can do to readjust our attitude toward our assignments.

  • Do the yuckiest thing first.
    I don’t necessarily mean the dirtiest. Do what we like the least first. Getting the yuckiest over first helps the remaining part of the assignment more pleasant.
  • Play the Glad game.
    This isn’t original with me. I took from the Disney movie Pollyanna. When Pollyanna wasn’t happy or faced something she didn’t like she challenged herself to think of something that made her glad. Ya’ll this really works. For example, (sorry if this offends my fitness fit friends out there) I don’t like to exercise. In fact I think I was born without endorphins, you know those things your body produces when you exercise that are supposed to make you happy, because I am NOT happy when I exercise. However, I play the Glad game; think of something that makes me happy or that I am thankful for and exercise is tolerable.
  • Clean up right away.
    It makes my attitude better when things are put away in the right places. (Except don’t come to my house today, nothing is in its place)

Learning do the yucky first and playing the Glad game has taught my children so much about attitude and work. Well, one kid has it down and the other one, well he’s 15, enough said.

Thanks for hoping over to my cyber home. Have a great Monday!!!