Hi Wendy – thanks for this opportunity to speak about the experience of this past year of reading thru the chronological bible: Now 62, and have been a Christian for many decades, yet would never stay with a read thru the bible project – so determined to accomplish this – happened on to your blog and took up the challenge: So difficult for me to read in the NLT, instead of my much favored NAS – so much of the OT I had carefully avoided and found just awful to read – so often I wanted to give up – yet consistently compelled to press on and as the days of the much beloved NT approached – this I came to know about the OT -the why of the OT (all the battles the muck and gore)- For This The CROSS -why is the OT so repetitive – sheep require repetition – why all the detail – my God is Lord of all and most of all as the NT approached – I find a glimpse of what the OT people must have felt in waiting for the Savior to appear – the when will this end – I so wanted out from under the OT ways – found a new joy in the birth of my Saviour – Jesus Christ – praise God for this most cherished of blessings He has provided Wish I could be concise, feel free to edit as you choose And My thanks for sharing the insights that you have been granted throughout this year – a sweet deepening in the knowledge of The Word – full of gratitude!


I just wanted to say “thank you” for this amazing experience!!! I haven’t been 100% successful in reading EVERY DAY, but I have made huge strides and efforts over years past! Your daily emails shed light on the scriptures that my little brain did not see.

AND to know that there was a mark on your map where Carlsbad, New Mexico is, knowing that you prayed for me… you will NEVER KNOW the impact you have had on women around the US just like me. God Bless you in ALL that you do!!! Thank you again!!


Reading through the Bible and reading the daily blog have been an incredible experience for me. I’ve learned so much and have felt closer to God. Thank you for always sharing from your heart.

God’s Best!