Reading the Chronological Bible in 2009 was a journey like I never imagined! I have attempted to read the entire Bible before, but never made it past Leviticus. Wendy and the ladies that participated in the Chronological Bible reading made it easy to remain faithful to the daily readings. By sharing insights, areas of concern, prayer requests, and humor, we became a family of sisters all with a sincere and abiding desire to drink deeply from the Word of God. I highly recommend this journey to all!


I’ve always been afraid to try reading the whole Bible, and my few attempts at regular, organized reading failed – I never seemed to understand what I was reading and always became very frustrated. When Wendy began posting about her daily readings on her blog, it seemed like a safe way to try again – and now I love it! Knowing that I can read someone else’s take on the reading after my own research is great, and I love the community of commenters that has grown from this project. My day doesn’t feel right without this quiet start.


I just wanted to let you know how very much I appreciated “Reading Through the Word” along with you! I have never been able to stick to it, and read the entire Bible, but along with you and your support, I’m going to make it this time! It has been exciting and refreshing to share this with you, and I so appreciate your wisdom and in sight. Many times, you have put a passage that I read into prospective, and helped me to see how it applies to my life today! Thank you, thank you!!