I started this with the thought that it would be good yet not life changing ~ wow was a wrong. It has been life changing for me. This is the second time I had read the Bible through however it was the FIRST time I understood it. Wendy has helped me in more ways that one. I strongly recommend this. God is there ready willing and able ~ he has sent Wendy to help. You just have to do it. God Bless you!


WOW – I can not thank you enough for your sweet message. What an encouragement you are! I started back on October 5th, and I can feel God revealing Himself to me.

You are a blessing, my friend! See you on your blog!

Hi Wendy – thanks for this opportunity to speak about the experience of this past year of reading thru the chronological bible: Now 62, and have been a Christian for many decades, yet would never stay with a read thru the bible project – so determined to accomplish this – happened on to your blog and took up the challenge: So difficult for me to read in the NLT, instead of my much favored NAS – so much of the OT I had carefully avoided and found just awful to read – so often I wanted to give up – yet consistently compelled to press on and as the days of the much beloved NT approached – this I came to know about the OT -the why of the OT (all the battles the muck and gore)- For This The CROSS -why is the OT so repetitive – sheep require repetition – why all the detail – my God is Lord of all and most of all as the NT approached – I find a glimpse of what the OT people must have felt in waiting for the Savior to appear – the when will this end – I so wanted out from under the OT ways – found a new joy in the birth of my Saviour – Jesus Christ – praise God for this most cherished of blessings He has provided Wish I could be concise, feel free to edit as you choose And My thanks for sharing the insights that you have been granted throughout this year – a sweet deepening in the knowledge of The Word – full of gratitude!